Di$h, iOWest, Sony, and Skeetches

Di$h: I like the stock market. I do a little ditty every day to discuss the things that interest me in the markets. Take a gander if you so choose. Feel free to subscribe if it interests you at alllll. I'm definitely looking for feedback!


Improv: On Tuesday I met with my new improv group at iO. We played some games at GameNight up in the loft and had a grand ol' time. I'll have a show schedule soon for anyone interested in some improv fun. Tentative name of our group...The Booze Cruise. Look for celebrity guests as well! Ow Oww.

Lunch: Yesterday I had lunch on the Sony lot with a close buddy. It oozes television magic over there and every time I set foot on a set on or a lot I just get that fluttery feeling of excitement! Yaaaay entertainment industry! Luckily you have some real good people in you.

Sketch: Working with a bunch of my formally Hot Biscuiters on some new sketch developments! Got reunited last night and it felt so good. My two pitches got picked...weeee...shooting Saturday so keep yer eyes peeled for that in the very near future!


Welcome to m'life.