Shmoke House!!!

Right across from Warner Brothers, right off the Barham Blvd, right down the street from my amazing Aunt Alice's house...this place is old school dynamite! The kind that gonna blow smoke in yer face when it explodes...but when that smoke have yourself To-Die-For baby back RIBS!

Here's the deal with this Toluca Lake Staple...
*Every Monday...half off bottles of WINE!

*3rd Tuesday of every month...40% all food! (that's $15 for a full rack of the best ribs I've had to date)

*Red "leather" booths that will swallow you whole ... And that have been grazed by the biscuits of many celebs

*George Clooney loves this place so much he named his production company after it

*Not sold yet...!?

*Why the hell not!?

*Fine, they also have a killer bar and a guy who will come up and personalize a martini just for you...!

*Also, tons of live music...Thursday's and weekends.