SunDANCE the Night Away!


So sad to go!

 Holy snowballs, Sundance was amazing!

I did not really know what to expect going into it but I ended up loving every teeny tiny second. That may have had something to do with the gorgeous scenery, the ridiculously cool people I got to pal around with, the masterful documentaries we saw, or the fact that our short Brick Novax's Diary snagged the US Grand Jury Short Filmmaker Award! Bragging rights go to Matt Piedmont, Mark Snelgrove, Marc Evan Jackson, David Trachtenberg, Nate Young of Hungry Man, Giles Dunning, and Simon Millar. Out of 6,000+ shorts submitted and 81 chosen to be featured at the dance...ours won the award! Needless to say we were psyched!!

I had the privilege of doing all the female voices for the film... Supernova the space lady, Maxine Stanton the soul lady, and Sophie Michaels the suburban lady.

You can follow the epic journey of Brick Novax on HBO on Friday nights at midnight...part of the Funny or Die Series. It is cut into four episodes there. Check it out!

So proud of this team!!