Family: The Greatest Source of Comfort, Joy...and Material.

It's the great vacation. A lot of activity in the hole this summer. Jackson's Hole that is.

Tonight is the full moon. That means one thing...people get crazy. And people who are already crazy get crazier.

•Dad: he has a mix that he puts on for the full moon. The mix consists of many many artists which is great but all these artists are singing the same song - Moondance. He refuses to turn the playlist off and as we drive through the gorgeous mountains I want to fashion a noose out of my seatbelt. I see no better use for this life saving device at this time. It's a tragic situation. What used to be a favorite tune now makes me want to go on a killing spree. Sure, Michael Buble, you can have one more moondance with me...if you want to be dead.*

•Papa: I've never heard so many bits. I feel like I'm at a one-man improv show. The's free and there's no drink minimum. The downside...all the doors are locked.

•Minivan: who am I kidding, you're perfect.


*Micheal - This is not a real threat to your life. Sometimes I say things I don't mean in a state of exasperation.