I Officially Got One Step Closer To Being My Father

One word...SCOTCH. (Not beret. Although that would be pretty rad.)
I ignited my love for that certain saucy beverage last night. ... Got lost in a rox glass full of Macallan 12...just add rox.......and I know I'm just cutting my teeth so this once it's excusable but...OUCH...
I feel like assshitfacebarf.
BUT I'm grateful for what I gained in good conversation and cool points at the Pacific Dining Car. Getting lost in that glass of honey, carmel liquid gold got me lost in a fabulous time warp with delicious company. When you just let go and get lost like that you usually end up gaining so much more. Deep scotch hangover thought of the day.
Don't worry Jack Daniels...I'm not going steady with this Single Malt just yet...I've still got feelings for you ol' Jackie.