One More Reason To Hate...


I know. I'm so sorry. That is probably sooo anti-American (somehow).

I'm just like eh over it.

There are many reasons but the one that is riding me right now...Indianapolis construction. They're tearing this city to shreds with the hopes of impressing the world come Superbowl XLVI. F*%€ Indy...yer gonn be just fine. Why you gotta ruin everyones days for your vanity.

I've never seen so many damn orange cones.
There is nothing like trying to pole bend in a cutlass. On a horse, no problem. In a 1971 Oldsmobile beast, problem.

Construction assholes are the worst. Standing there on your cellphone, half assed waving me by. You just put me in a shittier mood than I was already in. Ive been detoured in the wrong direction 4 times now.

I'm now cracking what will be the first of many beers for me today.

Oh also the SUPERBOWL ruins my birthday every year.

Back to the beer.