Mo Shows

Had a blast last night doing QuoteUnquote. This show is becoming one of the best shows in town. So much fun seeing m'comedian friends go for it in a super fun, creative way! Plus you can learn a lot...I now know exactly what it's like to clean under the mats in the kitchen at Golden Corral. Mmmm

MORE SHOWS full of sketches and make-em-ups...

THIS Sunday, September 18th...Mark Primiano's Sketch Packet @ iO (DelCloseTheatre) @ 9pm...come see us put up sketches that the talented Mr. Primiano wrote!

Wednesday, September 21st...The Gym is headlining for the UCB team "Beef Dreams" @ Theatre Asylum

Sunday, Sept 25th...UCB 401 Grad Show @ UCB @ 4:30pm  (start thinking of suggestions now)

Monday, October 10th...The GYM Sketch & Improv Show (detail to come)