Thank You SF

You're full of colorful people and culture.
You let us reunite with our awesome buddy, Addie!
We went to your DNA Lounge to BOOTY dance with her. We acted like martini shakers full of whiskey.
We drank your Fernet, thanks!
We communicated with your very expressive taxidrivers.(NOT)(they mumble)
We fought with one of your local Mercedes driving douchebags.
We played in the squirrel room with the promotor man who dresses like a young japanese girl.
We randomly ran into our friends on your 11th street.
We ate up your skyline into the weee hours.
We ate up your clam chowder at Fisherman's Wharf.
We scoffed at your picky pigeons.
We helped a young girl find coffee. Girl: "hey, where'd you get that coffee?" Me: "Starbucks!"

Girl stares. Waiting for me to tell her where that is. Josh laughs.
We soaked up your Haight Ashbury.
We fell in love with a gorgeous hippieman watching the Jugtown Pirates.
We (JOSH) got swindled by OG Puff'nstuff.
We played in our buddies apartment above Ben and Jerry's.
We laughed an awkward amount.
We drew police sketches of OG Puff'nStuff. (find him SF...he lies)
We made new friends who gave great hugs.
We looked at your stuff.
We took your Bart to Oakland.
SF, you need a better ridepass system for the Bart. It's confusing.
We had a delicious dinner with friends.
We got addicted to your Fernet, thanks!
We wandered your streets.
We slobbed on your Knob...Hill.
You have a huge victoria's secret on Powell street, thanks I needed skivvs.
We like you a lot ol Franny. (can I call you that?)