Thank You Big Sur

Ooo Big Sur. More like Big Sure. Absolutely Sure you're gonna have the time of your life.

Henry Miller Library

Fernwood Bar

1 year anniversary with Trevor Meeker (the amazing guy who got us into Arcade Fire last year)

Snack time with hippies


Josh offering to share our room with the hippies then asking for my approval right in front of the hippies

The freshest air money can't buy

The Big Sur Bakery sans Arcade Fire this time but still...

Cheerleading for chess

Nietzsche & Roald Dahl

Real explosions in the sky...

Josh telling everyone all night about his fireworks then setting them off..."no one one will know who it was!"

Sunrise surprise...Fernwood bartender's delish concoction 

Watching art

I was a hippie until I checked my stocks