Screeners in M'eyeballs!


I go out of town for a few days and what do I come home to? A behemoth pile o'movies on m'doorstep!

I'm currently up to m'clockwork-orange-opened peepers in SCREENERS! eeeee! 

I'm talking 40 some screeners (THIS IS 40 being one of them) and I have to watch all these bad boys (and girls) before next week so I can nominate the "best-of's" for the SAG Awards. Phew. Well, I may sound like a total bitchface right now but, really, I'm pretty fracking (speaking of fracking...PROMISED LAND is in the mix) stoked! 

The films I've seen so far (ARGO, SILVER LININGS, BERNIE, WON'T BACK DOWN, PROMISED LAND, PARANORMAN, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, SMASHED, TO ROME WITH LOVE, ANNA KARENINA, part of MOONRISE KINGDOM, HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and LES MISERABLES) have all been pretty spectacular (with the exception of a few which will remain nameless unless I get *drunk and *send a letter to a european country *winkwink). 

Looking forward to watching FLIGHT right now and LINCOLN later and CLOUD ATLAS when I can find 3 hours. Will try to find time for all the ON THE ROAD's and MIDDLE OF NOWHERE's and GINGER&ROSA's out there.

I will definitely be making room for MAGIC MIKE. Giddy. Up. (WILL be making it a drinking game and WILL be feeling like I shimmied myself into my gender role.)

Well, off to my screening room (aka my laptop in my bed)!