The Tree of Life ... oooo LIFE!

Few thoughts just right off the bat I've been sloshin around in m'noggin as of late...

The meaning of life? Maybe?!?!?! Evaluating life and how to live it. Then hopefully doing what you're passionate about so you can inspire others to do what they're passionate about. 

Then make a movie about it to inspire others to create and act on what they believe.


Notes on thoughts from the FILM... (my interpretations and I could very well be wrong! feel free to chime in)

-Sean Penn is Jack, he grows up

-the middle son is the son that dies (not sure how, message is sent western union): Pitt says he criticized the way he turned pages at the piano...he was the musical one BUT not sure because scene with Jack at organ with his dad at church, he said punched him in the face, Pitt says he never got to apologize and he did apologize to Jack, near the end when the family is leaving their home...we see Jack and the youngest son cry...the middle son is not there and he buries his things in the yard under the tree

-Brad Pitt's character represents nature...looking out for himself, finds reasons to be unhappy when all the world is shining around it and love is smiling through all things "wanted to be loved because I was great"

-Jessica Chastain's character represents Grace...doesn't try to please herself, accepts being slighted, forgotten, disliked, accepts insults and one who loves the way of grace will come to a bad end

-Beginning of Movie: Brother  Mother    "It was they who lead me to your door."

-Ending: Sean Penn walks through door ... all lead to middle son in teary reunion ... brother and mother lead father to place of grace and love?!?

-Pitt's character...sees missed opportunity to follow his passion of being a great musician. Got side tracked. When mother talks about how well Jack did on book report, father (Pitt) goes to turn up Brahms and talks about his passion. Holds his regret against Jack and family. 

-30 minute planet earth-style section...showing life cycle in reverse...back to dinosaurs...even then...the bigger, "stronger" dinosaur wanted to show smaller, "weaker" dinosaur it was in control but didn't necessarily want to kill it

-There are a thousand other things...need to watch again to remember and catch


Notes on Terrence Malick...

-Love what this film does... evaluates passion, choices, life, God, and earth. 

-This piece of art expanded my mind and inspired me...I'm sure it affected people in all different ways... I find that to be the point of art so, a 'thank you for sharing.