Egg on my face, chocolate unicorn head


So, I bumped m'noggin real bad. Got a huge noggin bump. If you do this too, here's what you do post-nogg flogg...

1. ice that shit for 30 mins

2. keep looking in the mirror

3. freak out about how you might get an audition and you look like a unicorn

4. read a blog with remedies

5. try the one with these steps...

        1. ice that shit for 3o mins

        2. rub egg whites on the bump

        3. let egg whites chill on your nogg for 15 mins

        4. put hershey chocolate on that shit for another 15

        5. done

6. stop freaking out because this worked. in the morning it looks "totally amazing" (quoted from blog)

*Also, this remedy is for babies but it works on older babies too