Ideas for my best friend/lawyer friend Ashley Butz

Here are some names for your Law Firm...                          

A Lady of the Law

Law Lady Law

Butz Biz, Tax Lawyering

Law? What is it good for? Absolutely Everything!

Sueing Butz! 

Lawson's Creek,  no Paceys Just Torts

Niping Law in the Butz

Crazy Sexy Cool Tax Law

Buuuutz I Don't Wanna Go to Jail

LAw LAw LAw LAw LAw LAw (in the tune of My Cherie Amour)

Taxation Without Butzerization is Tyranny

Arthur, Butz, and Guggenheim, Litigators of Law

I'm The Best/Coolest Lawyer In The World

Gloria Allred Aint' Got Shit On Me (said like Denzel in Training Day)