Wish List

Here is my wish list for when I'm sitting on my couch, thinking of things I want:

-Tiny Gherkin pickles

-congress to make moves that benefit everyone in the whole world, amen

-a manager (for all my millions, excuse me, grazzillions of projects)

-the beets in my fridge to wash themselves and cut themselves and juice themselves so i can drink them 

-my wishlist to come true

-the teleportation device i've been working on to work so i can see my family for dinner every night

-it to be tomorrow so i can shoot videos with Sofia

-a manager (i just got 48 new projects)

-parking tickets to be turned into currency

-everything in CB2 to be delivered to my house

-some people to simmer down

-some people to spice up

-510,000 more $0.02 residual checks to arrive

-an app for lie detection to be used mainly when people deny farts

-one of those machines that shows you what your hair would look like in different sytles

-happiness for everyone in the whole world ever, amen

-to go outside. bye