some advice for those of you trying to do life

here is some of the best advice I can give! that no one asked for!

  • don't drink 5 glasses of warm wine in the sun/pool and then eat 18 fingers of the deep fried chicken variety
  • don't "try' scotch, leave scotch drinking to the people who already have it running through their bloodstream
  • don't yell back when a nut-job of a lady calls you the 'c' word in traffic. save your yells for fires or bugs or the One Direction movie that drops in august
  • DO eat ice cream in the morning even when it's not your birthday or friday
  • do always answer the phone when it rings. it might be the call you never knew you were getting. and even if it's just a bill collector, that's what hanging up was invented for. 
  • don't worry about being trendy. whatever you are wearing will be popular sometime