17.5 Ways To Waste Time

1. READ LISTS LIKE THIS (ex: 10 Things Successful People DON'T DO (#1 on the list being read lists like this))

2. Wait for 14 GIFS from The Little Mermaid to load

3. Look at a compilation of pictures of people who miiight be farting

4. Write a list like this

5. Dink around on facebook until you know everything going on in the lives of people you went to pre-K with. ...Aaand you're all dinked out... Oh but there are New Stories ... dink

6. Make sure you know what the people you follow on instagram have liked in the last 8 mins

7. Click on that 1 Insta that catches your eye (usually some babe who's peepers swallow you whole) and find yourself 67w's deep in their history

8. Contemplate then try to figure out SnapChat

9. Rationalize spending 20 minutes looking at photoshopped pictures of the Disney princesses post-menopause (self-esteem)

10. Read a list of the 23 Things That Happen At Work (is work on that list?)

11. Try to figure out SnapChat

12. Read a whole Facebook comment thread that involves you in no way

13. Snap chat?

14. Figure out which "OC" character you are. Because of the relevance obviously.

15. Look at pictures of all the Disney characters photoshopped to have Beyonce's biscuits and Miley's hair (will someone make this?)

16. The Internet

17. Snap Chat

.5 Can I Snap Chat this thing I just wrote?