Apple Stock Split

Not gonna lie, I no longer stay busy crunching numbers for the ye ol markets -- I'm busy stuffing my head in wigs instead. Nonetheless, I feel like ranting a tick about stock splits after Apple's move this weekend.

Most co's who stock split do it when the price of their stock gets soo high it's hard for lots of simpletons and or just normals to trade it. Most co's split 2-1. Apple's was 7-1. (Price was $700, now it's close to $100)

Splitting the stock creates more liquidity (changing hands/ buying and selling) and usually the price gets even higher (lesser price, more people buying, the price goes up, co makes mo money).

It's all psychology, so people feel more comfy throwin down bones for the stock. Dumb people. Jk I just bought 100 shares. Jk. Who do you think I am? Bill Gates? Jk BG would never buy Apple. Jk he did.

Bottom line, Apple is at it on all fronts being real smart and makin that fat cash. Cha-beep-bop-boop-Ching