Bar Lubitsch Show Next Saturday

Problems With Alcohol . . . i'm honored and excited and nervous and excited. Booze + chats on a panel. Already a fan of Ian Brennan so pretty stoked for this!!!


Aloha! Here’s another reminder about our next Problems With Alcohol show at Bar Lubitsch THIS Saturday April 18th at 8pm! 

We’ve had a huge turnout for all shows and we’re tremendously grateful. Thank you!

                        We have 4 new questions & 3 new panelists including brilliant co-creator of Fox ’s Glee Ian Brennan, Groundlings improv star Patty Guggenheim, & polysyllabic multi-hyphenate Sara Benincasa!

Annnnnnd we’re excited to announce our new amazingly talented guest-host for this show Chinedu Unaka!

Bar Lubitsch


Hope to see you there!