I'll miss PHYLLIS

Re: Phyllis Diller. (mini novel time) My parents gave me a video of her work when I first started getting into comedy in high school. She has been a hero ever since. I had the pleasure of meeting her twice last year. The first time was blatant synchronicity. I was doing a project where I had to list 5 people I would have wanted to meet before they died...I mistakenly scribbled down Phyllis' name. When I realized she might still be around, I googled her and she was, in fact, alive. I thought to myself..."it would be radical to meet her." I closed my book and carried on with life. Later that day (literally, about 4 hours later), I went on a run through the hills of Santa Monica. When I got close to one of my favorite restaurants in the canon I slowed down. A red Jaguar pulled right in front of me and stopped in the lot. I saw a man help a woman out of the car. I saw hair first. It was Phyllis. My heart stopped. She was wearing a colorful pant suit with a matching purse and she sauntered right over to me where I had stopped in my tracks. There was a red Corvette parked in front of me and she said "Is that car yours?" I said, "No, I wish." She said, "You should take it." I proceeded to blather on about how happy I was to see her and she said she was happy to see me too. It was incredible. I was shaking for about a week. The next time I met her it was at the same place. I guess we just have the same taste in restaurants...Old School. Bottom line, she could not have been a lovelier person and she still motivates me to this day. She decided to become a comedian at age 37 while raising 5 kids. I think she's a great example that it's never to late to follow your dreams. The world will miss you Phyllis but your legend will live on! (My sap spill of the day)