places to goooooooooooo LA NIGHTS aaaLOVE THIS CITY

been exploring the neighborhood as of late and've stumbles into some perdy sweet spots . lots are walking distance from me so feelin extra new yorky but still get to dress real la-y (sans wintee coats). alove. athis. acity.


MELROSE UMBRELLA CO: A+ for 'shere...A+mosphere

YSABEL: beauty bars. super beautiful. food=great . cocktails=not great . it's on my block=great !

korea town.......

CASSELLS: deeeelish burgers . patty melt made me melt . really reasonably priced . full bar-o .

THE NORNANDIE CLUB: best mixology in LA . good vibes . hot spot . located at coooz normandie hotel


MANDRAKE: really crunchy crunched space . it's a solid "aight"

::::brought to you by UBERs and WALKS ! love affair with LA continues .