New places to gooooo in LA

Good week of good spots in the HOod!

Got m'walk on and m'booze on. Felt newyorky being able to walk everywhere and la-y being able to go out in skirts n dresses without bundling. Love. This. City.

Umbrella Co.: super chill loungey hip vibe. Great drinks and bomb ass good delivered from grilled cheese place next door. Killer ambience - beautiful tiles ceiling in back and very tall ceiling with exposed wood (barn like feel) in the front. Great bar. Good music.
(Walked there and home and picked some yum yum floral flowers on the way back)

Ysabel: love the dinner/bar/outdoor vibe. Fireplace. Beautiful marble floors. Yum food. Went both fri and sat and have to say the late sat night vibe not as good. Too "hot spoty" feeling. You those girls who get in tight bebe dresses and have 1 be seen and climb. Grosses. And the cocktails get a big "booooo". But I will give more tries since it in like in m'backyard. I'm pulling for us, ysa!

The Normandie Club: A+ Korea town spot at the Normandie Hotel. They murdered the vibe and the mixology! Looovveeevvveeed it!!

Mandrake: it's aight. Ok drinks. Tiny spot in front. Random crowd. Some pushy peeps who act like they'z on eight ballz of cocainez.

Went to Cassell's before Normandie (it's next door)...its a burger joint with a full bar. Had Patty Melt...deeeeeelicious!!!! And reasonably priced! But their spicy potato chips are not spicy.

Great time exploring the town this weekend. I'm basically Chris Columbus